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Eindhoven: A city full of hot spots

Eindhoven is mainly known for its innovations and design. But Olga, as an insider, says the city has so much more to offer. Olga Coolen (41) is the manager at the Philips museum. She has been living and working in Eindhoven for five years, so she knows the city like the back of her hand. People can ask her about the best place to go for a coffee as well as about culture.

“I love Eindhoven because it keeps on surprising me day after day.”

“Everyone knows Eindhoven because of Philips, which has brought fame to the city. Nowadays the Design Academy is housed in De Witte Dame building, which used to be a factory, and I work in the Philips museum. This is located in Het Fabriekje, where Gerard Philips made his first light bulb in 1891.

Our museum shows visitors how Philips started off as a small light bulb manufacturer, and ended up as a leading global company. The interactive iPad game Mission Eureka is really something special. And this opens up the world of technology to everyone, even people who think they aren’t really interested in it.

I like to go to the Van Abbemuseum if I go out and about in Eindhoven. It’s absolutely beautiful inside, and the outside of the building’s very photogenic too. And you can enjoy a delicious meal in the museum restaurant. But my all-time favourite has to be De Ontdekfabriek on Strijp-S. It’s a very special experience centre for youngsters, but lots of older people secretly enjoy it as well.”



“Strijp-S is a great place for going shopping. Urban Shopper on Torenallee, for instance, is a shopping complex with all kinds of different shops selling lovely things that are affordable and also unique. You won’t often find other people with the same stuff. I find it really inspiring there and I always come away with presents for people whose birthdays are still a long way off. Another place I like going to is the Jannissima concept store on Nieuwe Emmasingel. All the bags, shoes and clothes sold there are so incredibly stylish. If you want designer clothes at a reasonable price, go to Yksi Expo Winkel.

Even if there’s no Dutch Design Week going on, you can still enjoy looking at the innovative furniture, living accessories, handbags, jewellery and art.

Of course, there are all the unusual boutiques on well-known streets like Kleine Berg and Grote Berg. And don’t forget to visit shopping streets like Demer, Rechtestraat and Vrijstraat.”


Outdoor activities

“A lot of people don’t know this, but Eindhoven is a surprisingly green city. The best-known green space is the Stadswandelpark near the city centre, but there are a lot of very pretty rural areas just outside the city too. Cyclists and walkers can follow the ‘Rondje Eindhoven’ route, which takes them past some lovely spots in and around Eindhoven. This route goes over the Oirschotsedijk and finishes at Fruittuin, where you can enjoy some delicious pancakes.

I like going for walks along the ‘Hertog Hendrikpad’, which is a 92-kilometre walk around Eindhoven. I actually did 60 kilometres of this walk last summer. It took me through the Kleine Dommel valley and the Strabrechtse Heide, past the village of Sterksel, across the Leender Heide and back into the city via the Tongelreep swimming centre. It was absolutely fabulous to see all that natural beauty on the way back to Eindhoven.”



“Thousands of Philips workers used to go into Eindhoven city centre to work every day. Work was the most important thing in people’s lives in those days. This is difficult for us to imagine today, as the city’s now a fantastic mixture of shops, museums and places to eat.

And of course there are plenty of places in Eindhoven where you can get a cup of good coffee. I usually go to ’t Koffiehuisje, Eindhoven’s smallest espresso bar, which is right in the middle of our industrial heritage. The coffee there is out of this world, and they also serve the most delicious cakes.

And finally, I’d like to recommend StampPiet (artist-cum-cook, Ed.). This is my favourite mobile caterer. He’s extremely creative, and he also cooks on location in his own studio now and again. And he often goes to the NRE industrial estate on the other side of town.”



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