At the beach


The beach is ideal for lazing about on a towel and reading a good book. But if you prefer a bit more action, there’s more than enough to do at the coast.

Kite surfing

All a kite surfer needs is the wind, the sea, a kite and a board. This extreme sport is becoming increasingly popular, and almost every coastal town has the right facilities for it. You’ll soon learn the basics, provided you get proper instruction.


You can sail on the sand with a blo-kart. These low, lightweight buggies can reach up to 60 kilometres an hour.


Stand-up paddling – also known as “supping” – involves standing on a board and paddling yourself along. The most important point here is balance, and this is quite a challenge even on still water without any current, let alone on the waves.

Beach yoga

Your muscles need a good stretching after you’ve been walking or cycling for many kilometres, so what could be nicer than a yoga session by the sea? Just imagine it: relaxation flowing right through you as you stand with your bare feet in the sand with the bracing sea air around you.


This game is similar to badminton, but the shuttlecock (known as a “speeder”) used in speedminton is heavy enough to withstand the strong sea breezes. You don’t need a net, so two players, two racquets and the speeder are enough to guarantee lots of fun running about and working up a sweat.

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